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Poddo 4-in-1 Bio Enzyme Laundry Capsules Refill Pack (38 Pods)

Poddo 4-in-1 Bio Enzyme Laundry Capsules Refill Pack (38 Pods)

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Experience the future of laundry with Poddo's 4-in-1 capsules, featuring 7 powerful functions and bio-enzyme technology. Made in Japan and designed for a more intense use from our 3-in-1 capsules. Double the cleaning power with a unique floral long-lasting fragrance.

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Product Details


  • First in Singapore: The only laundry capsule with 7 functions and 7 bio-enzymes, made in Japan.
  • Nano-Cleaning Technology: Advanced nano-size suds penetrate deep into fabric fibers, ensuring an efficient clean that reaches every corner.
  • Powerful Bio-Enzyme Cleaning: Each bio-enzyme targets specific stains, providing a powerful and comprehensive cleaning effect.
  • Enhanced Version: Upgraded from the 3-in-1 pods with more cleaning power and a long-lasting scent.
  • Low Suds Formula: Less foam reduces the risk of washing machine blockage.
  • Distinct Fragrance: Unique fragrance lasts up to 14 days, featuring Kyoho Grape and strong odour removal.
  • Highly Concentrated Formulation: Each pod is packed with concentrated cleaning power.

The 7 Functions

  • Anti-Bacteria: Eliminates harmful bacteria, keeping your clothes hygienic.
  • Softening: Leaves your clothes soft and comfortable.
  • 7 Bio-Enzymes: 7 Different enzyme targets specific stains for a comprehensive clean
  • Anti-Dust Mite: Protects against dust mites, ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Stain Removal: Effectively removes even the toughest stains.
  • Nano Cleaning with x10 Cleaning Power: Nano-size suds penetrate deep into fabric fibers for efficient, deep cleansing.
  • Colour Protecting: Keeps clothes looking newer for longer, suitable for indoor drying, and prevents colour bleeding.


Enjoy a scent that lasts up to 14 days.

  • Top Note: Kyoho Grape
  • Middle Note: Floral
  • Base Note: Fresh Fruit

Designed to appeal with a more female-attractive smell.


7 Bio-Enzymes: Each enzyme targets specific stains for a comprehensive clean:

  • Protease: Tackles meat blood stains.
  • Amylase: Effective against sauces, porridge, and milk stains.
  • Lipase: Removes sweat stains.
  • Mannanase: Eliminates ice cream and chocolate stains.
  • Pectinase: Clears fruit stains.
  • Depilatory Cellulase: Removes fine dust particles.
  • Colour Protection Cellulase: Maintains colour vibrancy and prevents colour transfer.

How to Use

  1. Place one Poddo capsule directly into the drum of your washing machine.
  2. Add your laundry on top.
  3. Select your preferred washing cycle and start the machine.
  4. Enjoy fresh, clean, and fragrant clothes with every wash.

    Storage Instruction

  1. Keep Dry: Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  3. Securely Seal: Always close the container tightly after use to maintain freshness.
  4. Child Safety: Store out of reach of children and pets to ensure safety.