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Effortless. Effective. Essential.

Experience the future of laundry with Poddo's capsules, featuring 7 powerful functions and bio-enzyme technology. Made in Japan and designed for ultimate convenience and effectiveness. Poddo transforms your laundry routine.

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The Amazing Poddo Pods

First in Singapore

The only laundry capsule with 7 functions and 7 bio-enzymes, crafted in Japan.

Nano-Cleaning Technology

Advanced nano-size suds for deep fabric penetration and stain removal.

7 Bio-Enzymes

Seven enzymes work together to break down tough organic stains.

All-In-One Convenience

Detergent, softener, disinfectant, and perfume combined in one easy-to-use pod.

Ergonomic Design

Easy to handle with a child-protective cover.

More Cleaning Per Pod

Each 15g pod offers more power than the market standard

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